Pointers on Putting Together Your Business Plan

A business plan is important because they can provide the blueprint for how a certain business operates and functions. A business plan contains the set of goals a business wishes to achieve and how they can be reached and at what point in time. A business plan can also contain the background information of a certain company and its mission or approach to reaching its goals.

Putting a business plan together involves knowing what this important business document should contain. One should know how a business plan is put together from the first to the last page. Here is a content outline of what a typical business plan should include.

Cover Page

This page should contain the name of the company, the address phone number as well as the name of the chief executive. Sometimes the cover page may also include having a tracking number so as to limit and determine the number of copies that may be distributed and prevent having unwanted copies in the wrong hands.

Table Of Contents

This should provide the page by page or section outline of the entire business plan. It should be presented according to the logical arrangement of the plan with their corresponding page numbers.

Executive Summary

This contains the brief summary of what the plan is all about. It is also considered as the heart of the business plan. This part is carefully prepared since this may help in actually constructing the succeeding parts of the business plan and may affect its eventual effectiveness.

Company Background

This part contains the basic information of the company. It might include the company history, what it offers, its current status as well as its future outlook.

Market Assessment

This portion of the business plan includes an analysis of the market that the company is in. This includes the target customers, the competition as well as the status and forecast of the market.

Product And Services Information

This portion provides a description of the products and services being offered by the company.

Marketing Strategy

This part of the business plan should contain how the company would try to promote and sell their products and services to their target customers.

Financial Information

This part of the plan should contain a detail of the company’s past and current finances and other related financial information. Future financial forecasts can also be included if there is any.

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