What Is an Angel Investors

For a business to succeed, having the means to start it with the right amount of capital can be the key. And for the most part, most entrepreneurs may not have the means to have available capital for starting a business. Sometimes a business plan may stay in limbo just because the entrepreneur doesn’t have the capital to begin with. That is why many of them try to source their start up capital from various sources. And one of these sources can be angel investors.

What Are They?

An angel investor can be an individual with money who can provide capital for a business start -up in exchange for ownership equity or shares of stock in the new business. They offer an attractive source of capital that many start-up entrepreneurs can go to when they require a bit more money that what they may have on hand.

Angel investors are usually affluent individuals who are willing to fund certain start up companies and businesses to get things going. Generally, angel investors offer their own money as capital for start-up companies. This makes them different from venture capitalists, who usually pool other people’s money and use it to fund start up businesses.

Where To Find Them?

Angel investors falls between start-up financing coming from friends and family and those that come from venture capitalists and other sources. Seed funding for most start-up is usually provided by borrowing from friends and family because they are usually easier to ask for and may not come with steep interest rates upon repayment. The next in line are angel investors. But start up entrepreneurs would need to find them first.

Because of the opportunities in doing business have increased over the years, so has the number of angel investors willing to invest what available money they have in order to earn more from their investment. It has even come to a point where a number of angel investors have begun to group themselves together and put up an angel investor network.

There are now quite a number of these type of angel investor networks and they can usually be found in the Internet by virtue of a quick online search. The next thing to do would be for entrepreneurs to convince them to invest in the start up business.

Convincing Angels To Invest

There are many points to consider when an entrepreneur approaches certain angel investors and convince them to invest in the start up business. First of all, angel investors would need to believe in the business idea and somehow see how it can succeed. Angel investors also consider investing in businesses that they understand as well as believe in.

This is a point that entrepreneurs should be considering when approaching certain angel investors. Other things that might help convince angel investors in providing funding into a new business is having a good and clear cut business plan and those that usually do not require huge sums of money for investment.

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